September 28, 2020  •  Little Rock, AR
September 30, 2020  •  Philadelphia, PA
October 2, 2020  •  Detroit, MI
Tuition: $850   •  CPE Credits: 8

This 1-day workshop provides an update on financial regulatory issues affecting health organizations.

About the Seminar

Seminar Fee
Standard Rate $850
Early Bird Rate* $765
Regulator Rate $425

*Early bird valid until July 24

Multiple Registration Discounts
  • 5% discount for 2-3 attendees and/or seminars
  • 10% discount for 4 or more attendees and/or seminars
  • 15% discount for seminar packages
  • 10% Early Bird Discount: when you register and pay your seminar tuition 60 days in advance

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What You Will Learn (2020 update coming soon)

  • 1-day workshop providing update on financial regulatory issues affecting health organizations.
  • New accounting and reporting principles in Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual, as of March 2019.
  • Changes to Purposes and Procedures Manual of the NAIC Investment Analysis Office and other investment filing and reporting requirements.
  • Changes to 2019 Health Annual Statement, Health Risk-Based Capital Formula and other new Supplemental filings.
  • Overview and update to 2020 Health Quarterly Statement.
  • Other financial regulatory issues under consideration at the NAIC affecting health organizations.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring copies of their prior year's annual statement and RBC report for discussion and clarifications of any reporting problems.

Seminar Content (2020 update coming soon)

  • Update to 2019 Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual including all new SSAPs, new Interpretations, modifications to existing SSAPs and all new Issue Papers.
  • Update to 2019 Health Annual and 2020 Health Quarterly Statements.
  • Update to 2019 Health Risk-Based Capital Formula changes and proposed changes for 2020.
  • Update to 2018 Purposes and Procedures Manual of the NAIC Investment Analysis Office and current investment issues.
  • Update on other financial regulatory issues.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals needing a comprehensive update of all financial, accounting, reporting, investment, and other financial regulatory changes for 2019 and 2020.
  • Accountants, auditors, actuaries, underwriters, financial executives and staff, regulators and others in need of an update on statutory accounting and reporting issues.

Class Information

Class begins at 8:30 a.m. and concludes at 5:00 p.m. Continental breakfast will be served between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Morning and afternoon refreshments are provided. Lunch is the responsibility of the attendee.

  • Field of Study
    Specialized Knowledge and Applications
  • Level of Difficulty: Update.

    • Familiarity with statutory accounting and reporting.
    • Familiarity with statutory accounting concepts.
    • Familiarity with the organization of the various statutory annual and quarterly statement blanks.
    • Familiarity with the fundamentals of GAAP for insurance companies.
  • Format of Course
    Presentation with Training Guide ("Group-live")

Terms & Conditions

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    We understand that circumstances may arise that require you to cancel. You may send a replacement or apply your tuition to another MSS seminar within the following 12-months if you notify MSS fifteen (15) business days prior to the seminar date. As an alternative, you may request a refund, less a $200 administrative fee, up to ten (10) business days prior to the seminar date. If notification of cancellation is received less than ten (10) business days prior to the seminar date, you will be liable for the entire tuition amount. In fairness to all attendees, if you do not attend a seminar for which you are confirmed and do not contact MSS to cancel in advance, you will be liable for the entire tuition amount.

For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaint and refund, please contact our offices at 919.569.6762.


What's New for 2019 (2020 update coming soon)
  • Discussion of new Group Capital Calculation.
  • Statutory accounting revisions to SSAP No. 30R to regarding assets pledged to a Federal Home Loan Bank FHLB on behalf of an affiliate.
  • Statutory accounting revisions to SSAP No. 55 reporting of interest payable on claims.
  • Statutory accounting revisions to SSAP No. 55 regarding prepayments to providers of claims and adjusting services.
  • New statutory accounting guidance pursuant to SSAP No. 25 related parties loans conducted through a non-related intermediary.
  • Revisions to the 2019 Summary Investment Schedule to tie to the different investment schedules.
  • Update to type of reinsurance ceded codes.
  • Modifications to instructions and illustration for Note 10O - SCA Loss Tracking to include references to SSAP No. 48 - Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies and SSAP No. 48 entities.
  • New categories for “Unit Investment Trusts and Closed-end Funds” to the commons stock categories on Schedule D.
  • Revised instructions for determining gain (loss) reported and prepayment penalty and/or acceleration fee amount in Schedule D, Parts 4 and 5 for called bonds where consideration received is less than par.
  • Revisions to electronic only stop loss tables to bi-furcate specific stop loss and aggregate stop loss in Health RBC Formula.
  • Additional charge for health care receivable amounts accrued in the prior year but not recovered in the current year.
  • Changes to Purposes and Procedures Manual of the NAIC Investment Analysis Office to identify investments and transactions are not eligible for Filing Exemption designation.